Silks is a bike workshop that specialises in mountain bike suspension servicing and custom wheelbuilding. We value attention to detail, building customer relationships, and providing honest, transparent information.

We  keep up to date on industry standards and independent testing to bring you select factory and aftermarket products, with uncompromised servicing.

Silks is currently prioritising all suspension work and wheelbuilding, and while we we do still offer bike servicing and repair, there will likely be slightly longer lead times on this work.

Mountain bike suspension service labour charges are:
-Fork lower leg/shock air can servicing - $60 off bike/$90 on bike labour - plus seals where necessary(typically $40-50 additional)
-Fork full damper, air spring, and lowers service/shock full damper and air can service - $120 off bike/$150 on bike labour - plus all damper, air spring, and wiper seals(typically $100-160 additional).

-Dropper post servicing- Typically $60 outer post service labour, $120 plus parts for posts that can be fully rebuilt, eg. Transfer, Reverb, BikeYoke.

Wheelbuilding labour is typically $110 - but varies depending on parts purchased, or provided. It’s best to get in touch with us to discuss this. 

All other work is charged at a rate of $95/hr, by the minute.

︎Contact / 0406 350 546 / silksbicycleworkshop@gmail.com/ 153B Argyle Street, Hobart, Tasmania (access down the driveway)