Silks offers custom wheelbuilding and rebuilding of your old wheels.

We consider balanced spoke tension to be the most important aspect of a well built wheel. Our wheels are typically built to within +/-5% spoke tension deviation with a digital spoke tensiometer.

We use a Morizumi spoke cutter and threader, which allows us to have every possible spoke length on hand for all common types of spokes.

Please use our online booking system to book in a wheel build if you have a rim and hub ready. Otherwise please email or call to discuss component options.


WHEEL BUILDING // all spokes cut to fraction of millimetre on spoke cutter/threader. Rims are deburred where necessary. Wheels are laced with all nipple/rim contact points lubricated. Spokes are taken through multiple cycles of tension balancing and stress relieving while bringing them up to their correct maximum tension. Spoke crossing paths are ‘overcorrected’ to ensure better spoke longevity (these steps typically eliminate the need for a settling in period). Final tension and balance is checked on digital tensiometer. All nipples have thread locker applied. Rim tape installed.
$130 typical
$150+ for ebikes, internal nipple, double threaded, etc.

* Please note that we don’t rebuild damaged rims.