Silks offers full servicing on most models of Fox, Rockshox, and Marzocchi forks.

In all possible cases we use SKF wiper seals with factory damper and air spring seals - when factory seals aren’t available we use aftermarket seals from CJ Suspension.

We use Maxima Plush and Fox Racing fluids in all of our servicing.

We keep things simple by offering two levels of service - Race Prep Service and a Full Damper Service.


RACE PREP SERVICE // is a clean and lube of the lower leg and air spring. This service can be done between full services to maintain performance, and we also recommend it on new suspension as a way to ensure it was lubed correctly at the factory. The only parts we replace in this service are the crush washers and foam rings. Wiper seals are designed to last one year of riding, so we recommend not complicating your service intervals by only replacing wiper seals during your yearly Full Damper Service. All functions get tested. Clickers and air pressure will be returned to as they were.


FULL DAMPER SERVICE // is a yearly rebuild of your fork to ensure good performance and longevity. All internal surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. The lower legs get new SKF wiper seals, foam rings, bath oil and crush washers. Air shafts get new seals, grease and splash oil. Dampers get purged of old oil, refilled with fresh oil and bled on the Andreanni Vacuum Pump for bladder dampers, and bled by hand for IFP dampers. The damper shaft sealhead/wiper seal gets replaced in most cases, but internal damper seals and bladders only get replaced when they’re leaking or there is damper failure. All functions get tested. Clickers and air pressure will be returned to as they were.
+ $40 when whole damper seal kit needed (uncommon)

* Excluded forks Specialized Brain and Rockshox RS1