We offer servicing of most vintage forks. ‘Vintage’ being 1990ish-2012ish, when open bath dampers stopped being common-- examples are: F series Fox, Rockshox Mag, Pace, Manitou, Italian Marzocchi Z Series, Monster T, 888s etc.

We also have the capacity to do minor machining work for broken parts if necessary.


VINTAGE FORK SERVICE // All vintage forks have lower legs removed, the damper purged of old oil and the spring removed. All parts are thoroughly cleaned and then reassemble with new oil and wiper seals. Please get in touch before sending in vintage forks to ensure we can get the necessary wiper seals for the fork model you have. Coil and air sprung forks are turned around quickly, but we order elastomers as needed, so please allow extra time if your forks are elastomer sprung.
$180 - $280