Outer post servicing on your dropper is recommended at the same time you get your suspension serviced. Servicing the outer post will keep it clean and lubricated which will ensure good actuation and longevity.

We offer full rebuilds on Fox Transfer, Raceface Turbine, Rockshox Reverb, and all Bikeyoke dropper posts (in addition to more basic level servicing on these)

Service kits and replacement cartridges are readily available for OneUp, KS, and Xfusion posts, all other posts are somewhat difficult to source spare parts for, but servicing your outer post is recommended regardless.


FOX TRANSFER // RACEFACE TURBINE // ROCKSHOX REVERB // BIKEYOKE REVIVE/DIVINE // WOLFTOOTH RESOLVE// All of these posts are fully rebuildable. If they’re just running a bit slow you can usually get away with an outer post service and nitrogen/air recharge. If your post is sagging then we recommend a full rebuild. During a full rebuild all internals will be thoroughly cleaned. The outer post will be removed with wiper seal and bushings replaced. The internal mechanism will have all seals replaced then filled and bled with Fox 1.5wt/Maxima Serene fluid. Nitrogen/air will be recharged and outer post reassembled with Slickoleum grease.
$100 outer post + nitrogen (Transfer, Turbine)
$200 full rebuild (Revive, Divine, Resolve)
$220 full rebuild (Transfer, Turbine, Reverb)
$75 outer post + air recharge (Reverb, Revive, Divine, Resolve)


ALL OTHER OUTER POST // This service is a freshen up of the sliding mechanism. We remove the outer post, sealheads, wiper seal, bushings and brass keys. Everything gets a thorough clean, regreased with Slickoleum, and reassembled. The post then gets recharged with air if the cartridge allows. We then test it for correct actuation.
$75 + seal kits and cartridges where necessary/available.